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13 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day card? Got a long distance love that could use some, well, love? Did you forget about Valentine’s day (oops!)? Just want to say something sweet to someone this year with the safety and ease of technology? Check out these FREE PRINTABLE Valentine’s Day cards!

1. Did my heart love ’til now?

did my heart love til now_

2. Wishing you the happiest Valentine’s DayWITH ALL MY LOVE

3. Flowers, Rings, and other things

flowers and rings

4. Be mine or go away

be mine or go away

5. You make me whole

you make me whole

6. All my love belongs to you

all my love belongs to you

7. I’m yours and you are mine


8. Cliché love poem

cliche love

9. xoxo

to the one who has all of my love

10. There is no love as true as ours

There is no love as true as ours

11. Friends are the best valentines

friends are the best valentines

12. Forever Love

love forever

13. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day

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