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Dating: What Not to Compromise on in Relationships

Relationships involve two different personalities finding away to come together. This involves compromise, and a fair amount of it! However, there are times you shouldn’t compromise –like when it comes to your identity. Making such compromises can make you feel uncomfortable, depressed, and taken advantage of. You should never feel like you need to compromise who you are to make a relationship work. If your partner does not love all aspects of you, then they are the wrong person for you. Here are some things that you should not be compromising on: When you should NOT compromise

Your self-respect

Do not stay with someone who talks down to you, tells you what to do, or points out your every “flaw.” You are a human being, same as them, and you deserve respect. They are not “better than you,” “out of your league,” or even irreplaceable. The person you are with should appreciate and respect you. If they cannot offer you that, they do not deserve what you have to offer.


Your friends.

Friends come and go naturally. This is a sad reality of life. What is even sadder (and unhealthy) is dating someone who tries to tell you who you can or cannot be friends with. Your partner does not have to like all your friends but they should accept that you do like these people. Your friends have supported you, hung out with you, picked you up when you were down, and were all around there for you. Your partner should be adding to that support system, not breaking it. If your partner is isolating you from your friends, you are not in a healthy relationship. Do not compromise on this.


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